HACK architecture about creating inspiring places to live. We enjoy the challenge of working with existing buildings and the character this brings to a project. We respect those brave enough to support and contribute to this vision.

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HACK architecture has developed the Kick-Start Report to help clarify the potential development options of your property. This maybe a small renovation, or a larger more complex development. Our Kick Start Report will help you understand the constrains, opportunities and risk that exist. This will give you the confidence you need to move forward with your project. Speak with an architect about your opinions and get clear about how best proceed.

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Housing for health

How Healthy is your home?

Here is a truly inspiring video about a grass roots project that has made a profound impact to peoples lives. It is also a demonstration of the impact that our environment on health and well being. Here we see the environment in which people live having huge impact on their health, and when it is […]

Small Joy

8 Ways to Need Less House

  I read a very heartening article over the weekend by Cameron Jewell, indicating the average floor area of new Australian home has peaked. You may have seen it posted the HACK architecture facebook page. Unfortunately this is not before reaching an average of 248m² in 2009. The reasons for this change are cited as […]


Design, Architecture and Sustainability Resources

Koskela Showroom To help you on your way when pulling together information for your own project, I have compiled a list of websites with a wealth of information that I access regularly  These maybe to see what others are doing in the case of the blogs or technical information. I think if you were to digest […]